What is Karavan?

Karavan is a digital media marketplace.

We host the best quality inventory on our marketplace, so that you can use it in your marketing campaigns.


Where is the inventory from?

We have long standing partnerships with a variety of major African, and international publishers. These partnerships allow us to vet, test and showcase the best digital media available.

Working with our publisher partners, our media planners and strategists, we formulate the best mix of sites, apps and data to create a custom named audience specific to a certain target market.

Karavan being full Google partners (on the Buy & Sell Side), means the quality of delivery and reporting you get is best in class.

Karavan is also lucky to have incredible award winning ad tech at our disposal which allows us seamlessly bring you the best means of buying media from your DSP to many DMP’s and exchanges.


What countries are you in?

We are servicing South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria currently.

Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania launching Q1 2019.


How often is there new inventory added?

We update the inventory & audiences constantly with our partners, ensuring the delivery stats are up to date, and primed for your campaign with as higher ROI as possible.


How does it all work?

  • Search and find what media products work for your campaign
  • Add it to your cart (or multiple products)
  • Choose what type of campaign delivery you want upon checkout:
    • Either via your DSP, or we run the media for you via an IO
    • If you have a DSP we can send the audience directly to you
  • Check out
  • Receive a confirmation mail & a Karavan campaign director will be in touch with the specific‘s to get going
  • Go live!

(well that was easy)



Via a signed IO, we will state the payment terms & conditions on the media contract. 30 days terms is standard to reputed agencies.

Via a DSP – payment is facilitated via the bidder.


Do you accept Naira?

Yes we do at the abokiFX USD/NGN parallel sell rate.


Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we do for payments in USD (Kenya & Nigeria)


Is there agency com:

All pricing stated on the marketplace & orders made are gross prices, and invoiced less the agency commission where applicable on IO orders.



All artwork required is IAB standard desktop & mobile formats. Upon checkout, an email will be sent to you with the various artwork sizes required to be sent to us for your campaign to start. We recommend to use as many sizes as possible to gain maximum exposure and delivery outcomes.

Should the audience be sent to your DSP, the upload of the artwork, URL and other campaign elements is on your side. We will advise on these sizes to you.


Can we overlay?:

You can overlay data and extra targeting on top of our audiences & inventory yes.


I don’t have a DSP?

 No problem. If you don’t have a DSP, then the Karavan campaign team can run the campaign via a signed IO. We have an experienced programmatic buying team who will take care of you and manage your campaign on our Karavan DSP. All reporting and login information will be shared with you.

  • For any other queries, please feel free to contact us –