Gumtree is one of South Africa’s most loved platforms, and is a major publisher in SA with over 6 million unique visitors a month to their site.

Gumtree covers dozens of product and service options, putting buyers and sellers in a trusted environment.

Gumtree working with Karavan, are able to offer you some of their incredible ad space for your campaigns. Every visitor to the Gumtree site is essentially economically empowered, as they are about to spend or receive money from a sale. Its rare you have a publisher with an audience who has such spend potential.

The ad space available to you – with high end targeting and a quality audience, put’s your brand a click away from new sales. Reach directly into the category you play in, and get a these quality eyes on your campaign.

A combination of DMP data & Category Interest inventory, the choice of targeting and means to execute this is all right here: