One of Africa’s most popular apps. We all hate those sales calls, and have no idea how our cell number become available to what seems every call centre around.

Truecaller helps you to be able to trust which calls to take, and which are quite plainly SPAM. It’s an app that millions have and an app that helps. It also hosts quality ad space for brands.

Due to people trusting the app to tell them which calls to take, people inherently trust the ads that are on Truecaller a lot too. A perfect space to communicate in.

Truecaller has a very impressive user base, with over 6.5m Daily Users across Sub Saharan Africa:

Truecaller’s Monthly Active User count:

South Africa 1.6 Million
Nigeria 3 Million
Kenya 2.5 Million

Karavan with Truecaller have 3 ad options for you:

– Roadblocks
– After Call Ad Unit
– Video & Lead Gen Ad Units

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