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Yip, here they are in 1 place. People looking to buy a new cellphone today!

Using the latest DMP tech we have got you the perfect audience to show your cellular deal to. Add this to your always on campaign. Over 75,000 people are in this prime audience. Sold out often, best to book in advance.

They have a high propensity to buy a cellphone now or in the very near future. It’s a continuous rolling market for a brand to capitalise on as people are searching constantly, which we have our DMP finger on.

Born out of Gumtree South Africa searches, the audience is updated daily by their world class DMP technology. We work together and segment this data, to form an audience for you to utilise. You couldn’t be more precise with your targeting and advertising than this.


Unique Browsers p.m 76,493
Bought via IO, DSP PD/PG
Buy Type DMP Audience (inventory excluded)