Electronics buyers – Nigeria (Jumia)


Once checked out a Karavan campaign director will be in touch



This group of electronics junkies are on the hunt for the latest deal right now.

Get your brands super deal in-front of this influential target market. From laptops, cellular, gadgets and all things with a circuit board!

Karavan work with Jumia classifieds to bring you these amazing media options to include in your media plan.

Jumia Classifieds is a world class e-commerce & classifieds business

Booked for a minimum of 30 days on priority serving (Roadblock).

The roadblock gets your brand gets every impression served exclusively over a month on the Electronics section on Jumia Classifieds. There are not many spaces for electronics in the market, and this is a sure bet.

30 Day inventory = 103,637 impressions ($5 CPM);

Cost  $518
Exclusive Inventory  100,000+
Bought via IO / DSP (PD,PG)
Buy Type Display (inventory included)