Lifestyle & Entertainment- Nigeria (Guardian)

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“Everything you need to live well” – covering Food, Music, Relationships, Events, Beauty, Travel & Wellness – this inventory category reaches the after 9-5 life we live and growth with.

It’s inventory we love because the readers love being involved and up to speed, which fits perfectly for your brand to be relevant and tell its story to them. Karavan worked with The Guardian to bring you this media buy opportunity directly.

The Guardian is Nigeria’s most credible and trusted newspaper, and your brand is sure to get top return advertising with us here.

Available in print and digital, The Guardian presents balanced coverage of events and stories to inform and educate its readers. The publication has an affluent and well-educated audience, global reach and an easy to navigate website optimized for mobile.


Inventory demographics & stats:

16% Desktop / 4% Tablet / 80% Mobile

6,6m unique web visitors per month, with over 3 minutes average engagement time

Age Demographics:

18-24               8%   ;      25-34              32%

35-44               26% ;      45-54               18% ;     65+                  3%

Impressions 1,683,617
Bought via IO / DSP (PD,PG)
Buy Type Display (inventory included)