Karavan Media

Karavan is a company that specializes in digital media, app revenue, and business monetization in Africa.
We help businesses increase their revenue and presence in the market by providing a range of marketing and media services that help businesses grow.

2500+ Campaigns Completed

In 18 Countries with over 80 Brands
We create and manage online advertising campaigns, develop and implement monetization strategies for apps, and provide consulting services to help businesses optimize their digital media efforts.
Our team of experienced professionals with a strong background in advertising and marketing have run over 2500 digital campaigns across Africa.
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We have long standing network partnerships with a variety of major African, and international publishers, businesses and agencies. These partnerships allow us to vet, test and showcase the best digital media available


We deliver world class services and solutions
Karavan being full Google partners on the buy and sell side, means the quality of delivery, pricing and reporting you get is world-class.
Karavan has incredible award winning ad tech at our disposal which allows us seamlessly bring you the best means of buying & selling or having us run campaigns for you

Google Ad Manager Partner

Google Ad Manager Partner, with a GAM licence businesses monetize their digital inventory by making it available for purchase by advertisers through our Google Ad Manager seat, ensuring direct to market priority.

DV360 Google Ad Buying

DV360 Google Ad Buying, with expert recourses we purchase advertising inventory through Google's demand-side platform to perfectly fit your campaign

Digital Inventory Optimization

Have publisher media? We optimize digital inventory for maximum revenue and performance

Digital Campaign Strategy and Management

Digital Campaign Strategy and Management, where we help businesses develop and execute effective digital campaigns that achieve their goals.

Company Marketing and Sales Strategy

Company Marketing and Sales Strategy, With years in traditional advertising, we can help above the line as its second nature. Develop comprehensive business strategies with us to increase visibility and reach their target audience, as well as increase revenue.

Services and Product Monetization

Services and Product Monetization, where we help businesses monetize their offerings to drive revenue.
In addition to these services, we offer expert consulting and guidance to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and stay ahead of the curve in terms of monetization and revenue generation.
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